About Us

Our Founder Paul Carnes on the left

with the Dean of Harvard Business School, Nitan Nohria, and former Dean of Harvard Medical School, Jeffrey S. Flier, who is a lead medical authority on molecular causes of obesity and diabetes on the right in the Harvard innovation lab at Harvard Business School.

 We started Cures inc. because our founder Paul Carnes saw a need to bring integrity back to the medical field after the loss of his step father who died from cancer because of his interaction with Agent Orange during the Vietnam War where he received a Purple Heart and a Brown Star. Paul started searching for opportunities to bring Cures to you and the ones that you love. He found a major need for Private Patient Representatives to bridge the gap between the medical industry and the people. In a time of major medical need, we need others to be there for us to help with the burden that is put on the family. While putting medical research as major pillar of our foundation, we're ready to serve.